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Special Offer: Risk-free Profiling and Targeting with Data Mining

Customer profiles keep your direct mail campaigns profitable. What if you could make those profiles better? More precise targeting would mean better response rates and greater savings in printing and mailing costs.

You can. Data mining and predictive modeling are designed to create better response models that build on the profiles you already use today. Direct mailers are quickly discovering the greater efficiency that comes with mined targeting. But acting now still puts you ahead of the curve.

Try mined targeting, risk-free. For a limited time, Prediction Impact is offering mined targeting with zero risk to qualified clients. You pay us only if it works on your data. Here's how:

  • We apply advanced data mining and predictive modeling over your data.
  • The new model is tested with no disruption to your current operations.
  • If the results are beneficial for your business:
    • The model is employed to guide your next mailing campaign.
    • You pay Prediction Impact only a fraction of the resulting savings in printing and mailing costs.

Contact us for a brief, exploratory conversation. We'll be glad to make mined targeting crystal clear to you.

Predictive Analytics World
Predictive Analytics World


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