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How Prediction Impact's Predictive Analytics Works

History repeats itself. Good thing.


Through CRM analytics and data mining, Prediction Impact brings you marketing strategy insights and customer intelligence that deliver concrete, readily-applicable business imperatives.


Anyone facing business mandates can recognize that the ability to literally predict customer behavior would boost your bottom line and spell success for marketing initiatives.

The best resource with which to make these predictions is your customer data, that is, your company's collective experience. Today's state-of-the-art method to tap this resource is data mining. Data mining employs seasoned algorithms that build on the latest results from applied predictive analytics and theoretical predictive modeling.


Data mining discovers richly-defined "micro-segments" -- precise customer segmentation that informs the customer behavior predictions most valuable for your business.

Customer segmentation identifies customers with poor loyalty or low profitability, in order to target these customers for improvement or cost-cutting. Likewise, customers with high loyalty and high value are identified, providing insight for improving other regions of the customer segmentation.

Predictive Analytics World
Predictive Analytics World


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Predictive Analytics Times

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Predictive Analytics Guide

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