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Prediction Impact Bi-Annual Newsletter October, 2005

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Training. Data Mining: Levels II and III
Case Study. Spend Forecasting for Global Accounts.
Conference. Speaking engagement on predictive analytics
Services. General Information about Prediction Impact, Inc.

Data Mining: Levels II and III

Our senior consultant Eric Siegel will facilitate The Modeling Agency's "Data Mining: Level II" and "Level III" public training programs in Las Vegas, NV, December 7-9. For more information, and to QUALIFY FOR A $200 REGISTRATION DISCOUNT for Level II, exclusively through Prediction Impact, follow the link below.

For course details, topic outlines, instructor bio, venue and tourism information, registration, and the $200 Prediction Impact discount:

On-site training offerings:

Prediction Impact offers a diverse range of on-site and on-line training options for data mining and predictive analytics. We tailor your training program according to your background and needs. What do you need to prepare for mining your data? Would you benefit from a general understanding of data mining and predictive analytics so you can determine how to best apply it? Does your IT or marketing staff need more hands-on knowledge?

For more information, including an instructor biography, see:

For inquiries, price quotes, scheduling or training program topic outlines, email or call us at (415)385-1313.

Spend Forecasting for Global Accounts.

For a Fortune 100 technology company, we produced key business intelligence for global strategy and sales force allocation. The core analytic objective was to forecast the spending of global accounts on principal product groups.

This project was conducted by a team of three analysts, including two affiliates of Prediction Impact: Senior consultant Eric Siegel and consulting advisor Karl Rexer (see for consultant bios). Staffing for this project was through our partner firm, Elder Research, Inc. (

The resulting reports are strategically and tactically central. They predict the number of product units an account will purchase. Therefore, this analysis is central to global strategic decision-making, such as:

  • Recognizing and acting upon outstanding opportunities, across global accounts, regions, and product groups
  • Assisting with partnering and pricing decisions, regionally and world-wide
  • These business intelligence deliverables also apply tactically, as in:
  • Deploying the right type and variation of sales activity, according to a metrics-based segmentation of accounts, account divisions, and region-specific account sites
  • Identifying the strongest sales opportunities within accounts, for each product group
  • Adjusting sales quotas in a data-driven manner

Substantial technical challenges were overcome for this project. The spend forecasting model pulls together a range of evidence, clues and indicators that describe each global account. The data sources that fulfilled these demands were disparate, originating across internal business units, as well as external resources such as survey results. These data sources required a heavy dose of discovery, assessment, evaluation, interpretation, cleansing, "crunching," augmentation, unification and merging.

Speaking engagement on predictive analytics

2nd Annual Predictive Intelligence Conference for Bio/Pharmaceutical Companies -- Jan. 23-24, 2006, Princeton, NJ.

This conference covers the industry-specific tools and techniques available for analyzing data to strategically plan for the future. The conference focuses on technologies and applications available to advance scenario planning, competitive intelligence and data analysis to the next level. Attendees learn how to generate the insights, analyses and recommendations needed for success in today's competitive pharmaceutical landscape.

Prediction Impact's senior consultant Eric Siegel will speak during the second day of this conference on, "Empowering CRM with Predictive Analytics."

For conference content, speakers, venue and registration:

General Information about Prediction Impact, Inc.

Based in San Francisco, Prediction Impact, Inc. ( provides consulting services over a range of disciplines, including predictive analytics, data mining, business intelligence, and text mining. Prediction Impact consultants have gained a great deal of commercial experience, working with large banks, manufacturers, retail firms, and online businesses, and enabling these organizations to learn from their data. Most Prediction Impact consultants have earned a Ph.D., demonstrating a deep technical familiarity with modeling and data mining methods.

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For more information, contact Eric Siegel, Ph.D., President and Senior Consultant for Predictive Analytics:

phone: (415) 385-1313

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