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Prediction Impact Bi-Annual Newsletter October, 2004

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Training. On-Site Training Programs for Predictive Analytics
Article. Predictive Analytics with Data Mining: How It Works.
News. HBS Consulting Enlists Prediction Impact.
Services. General Information about Prediction Impact, Inc.

On-Site Training Programs for Predictive Analytics

What does your organization need in order to become fully prepared to mine your data? Would you benefit from a general understanding of data mining and predictive analytics so you can determine how to best apply it? Does your IT or marketing staff need more hands-on knowledge?

Prediction Impact offers a diverse range of training options for data mining and predictive analytics. We tailor your training program according to your background and needs.

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For inquiries, price quotes, scheduling or our training program topic outlines, email or call us at (415)385-1313.

Predictive Analytics with Data Mining: How It Works.

Although you've probably heard many times that predictive analytics will optimize your marketing campaigns, it's hard to envision, in more concrete terms, what it will do. This makes it tough to select and direct analytics technology. How can you get a handle on its functional value for marketing, sales and product directions without necessarily becoming an expert?

The answer is, in order to know precisely how predictive analytics may benefit current marketing operations, you do need to learn a few specifics about how it works. This short article covers just enough of the inside mechanics to eliminate predictive analytics' "voodoo" status. Here you will learn what a predictive model is, and how, by actively guiding marketing campaigns, it constitutes a key form of business intelligence. To this end, we'll take a look inside to see how a model works and how it is created.

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HBS Consulting Enlists Prediction Impact.

In order to expand their offering of predictive analytics and data mining services, HBS Consulting ( has enlisted Prediction Impact as its exclusive subcontracting partner for predictive analytics. With the resource base and technical competency provided by Prediction Impact's consultants, HBS Consulting offers a greater range and depth of data mining options to their clients.

HBS Consulting is an IT professional services firm assisting Fortune 500 companies to create competitive advantage and build strategic competencies. HBS specializes in the planning and execution of strategic projects with innovative results: organizational transformation, adoption of new technologies, IT governance, and business process management. HBS consultants bring a senior IT management perspective to every project, working in most cases as an advisor to the CXOs and Directors of large enterprises.

General Information about Prediction Impact, Inc.

Based in San Francisco, Prediction Impact, Inc. ( provides consulting services over a range of disciplines, including predictive analytics, data mining, business intelligence, and text mining. Prediction Impact consultants have gained a great deal of commercial experience, working with large banks, manufacturers, retail firms, and online businesses, and enabling these organizations to learn from their data. Most Prediction Impact consultants have earned a Ph.D., demonstrating a deep technical familiarity with modeling and data mining methods.

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For more information, contact Eric Siegel, Ph.D., President and Senior Consultant for Predictive Analytics:

phone: (415) 385-1313

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